Nicoline Ambe, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicoline Ambe is a Parent Education Expert with almost 20 years in the field of Education. She has worked with parents and students of different backgrounds in universities, colleges and elementary schools across Canada and the United States. Her passion lies in helping parents prepare their children at home to become high achievers in school. She teaches parents step-by-step strategies they can immediately implement at home to help their children prepare for a competitive future in college and in the job market, starting at a very early age. Foundational skills learned in EHS and HS affect a student’s performance in Elementary, Middle and High school, which will ultimately impact college readiness and career choice. There is a trickle-down effect in how a student’s academic performance in earlier years will affect the outcome of their educational and career aspirations in later years.

Dr. Nicoline Ambe’s presentations will show parents how to position their children for success very early on by instilling the right skill-set, behaviors, mindset, value system and practices that will help their children soar in upper grades, and in life! Her parenting principles are based on 5 core beliefs:

1. Every single child has the ability to succeed in school, no matter their perceived or apparent ‘disability.’
2. In today’s world, parents must be involved in their children’s education.
3. A parent does not have to be educated or literate to raise a child who excels in school.
4. How parents communicate and nurture their children’s dreams are fundamental to their success in school.
5. Parenting requires patience and sacrifice.

Dr. Ambe has written 5 books on parenting. These books are available on her website at As a Parent Education Expert, Dr. Ambe has given keynotes, workshops, and seminars in several schools, school districts and conferences. For a detailed list of her clients and testimonials, visit She is available for parent workshops, seminars and keynotes.


  • 7 Steps to Raising a High Achiever
  • How to Help Your Child Get Good Grades in School
  • Nurturing the Amazing Potential in Your Special Needs Child
  • Fulfillment at Home: Keys to Creating Work/Life Balance for Effective Parenting

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Category: Parent, Family, and Community Engagement

Posted On: April 23rd, 2017