Truth Consulting, Shalek Chappill-Nichols, M.S.

Shalek Chappill-Nichols provides professional development for EHS/HS teachers in the areas of mathematics, science, art, literacy and social emotional learning. Shalek is an outstanding leader among her peers, both creating and providing classroom activities, in-service trainings, seminars workshops, conferences and curriculum materials and resources to pre-school through high school educators throughout the State of California. 

Focused, dedicated, and commitment for over 20 years, Shalek continues to led the way for the educators to integrate technology and aspects of social emotional learning into our professional development trainings. The feedback from educators has been overwhelming positive, noting that this new focus has helped them bring California Standards to life in their classrooms and has helped their students to think creatively and critically about all educational domains.

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Category: Family & Community Engagement & ERSEA

Posted On: April 23rd, 2017