Dave Scahill

For the past 30 years I have been supporting and training Early Childhood programs, especially Head Start. For 25 of those years I served in the capacities of a local Southern California representative, West Coast Regional Vice President, and the Department of Defense Sales Director for Lakeshore Learning Materials.  I am now the President and CEO of my own company. The Discovery Source, Inc. The Discovery Source, Inc. is a collection of expert educators and professionals who work to help you discover inventive solutions to support your educational issues, needs and school readiness goals. I am fully engaged in creating professional development and learning materials to support you and your T&TA goals for CLASS and School Readiness. We broker quality learning materials designed for optimal learning opportunities with an emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (STEM)  We also create our own exclusive brand of teaching tools and materials to support teachers, children and families. Our latest solution is called Frame your Learning. Frame your Learning ( FYL) is a simple three step approach designed to help enhance teacher / child interactions. FYL supports components of CLASS, especially the Instructional Support Domain, ECERS, DRDP, California Preschool Foundations, Head Start Outcomes and CSEFEL.  Our company vision is to create partnerships with customers based on the collaboration of ideas and solutions we design together for teachers, children and families together.  I am excited to announce my son Shawn Scahill is my business partner. We are ready and eager to serve your program.

  • STEM Training and Consulting
  • Instructional Support Training and Consulting
  • School Readiness Materials
  • Custom Head Start Product Development
  • Parent Engagement Support and Training

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Category: Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning

Posted On: May 7th, 2017