The Internal Potential - Jamie Smith

Ms. Jamie Smith, founder of The Internal Potential, believes the existing potential within an organization can be used to strengthen profits and employee relations. Hands-on workforce coaching methods are utilized in order to increase internal and external relations so that forward-thinking business practices can be executed and healthy outcomes can be achieved. She partners with individuals, families, and organizations that are seeking guidance in the following areas:

Organizational Learning (identifying breaks in systems and strategies and creating needed action plans) Early Childhood Education and Child Development (learning/empowerment seminars, program strengthening and auditing) Personal and/or Professional Growth & Conflict/Change Process and Resolution Skill Development

Whether you are an educator, administrator, organization, or individual seeking growth, she will work in partnership with you to assist in reaching your goals and creating a plan that propels you forward even after consulting is no longer needed.

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Category: Program Design and Management (PDM)/Systems Building

Posted On: September 19th, 2018