Corporate Partners

AcornLogo.jpgAcorn Evaluation, Inc.

Acorn Evaluation is a data science consultant and external evaluator based in San Diego, CA.
We provide management consulting, evaluation, training and technical assistance to education and non-profit organizations, helping them use data to improve their programs and communicate their successes to funders, stakeholders, and their communities.

You are experts in preparing children for kindergarten and building stronger families. We are experts on data, research, and evaluation. Together we can improve outcomes for children and families and build stronger communities.

Acorn Evaluation can help you to tell your stories more effectively using your data. We can also help you to prepare for present and future performance standards by helping to develop a culture of evidence-based continuous quality improvement.

We work with you to shed light on the stories you want told, using advanced technology solutions allows us to draw previously unseen conclusions from your data. We can provide training and capacity-building to make data simpler and easier for you to use in practice.

We recognize that each grantee is unique and we will work with you in order to meet your goals in your circumstances.

As a partner of CHSA, Acorn Evaluation, Inc. has been generous in their contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Stuart Jones
(800) 208-3215 x 700 |

Alliance_Logo.jpgAlliant International University

Alliant is a private university accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) offering programs in education and teaching, psychology and mental health, business and management, law, and forensic studies.

Alliant specializes in preparing students to enter professional careers that require both advanced knowledge and highly specialized skills, with degree programs emphasizing the practical application of theory and research. Our Online Bachelor’s in Child Development Program emphasizes applied experience, multicultural and community perspectives, and foundational knowledge to provide you with the best possible professional approach to children’s holistic growth and development. Our Online Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis is designed to improve teaching skills and increase career potential, as is our Online EdD Program in Educational Leadership and Management.

More information is available at 

As a partner of CHSA, Alliant International University has been generous in their contribution to our association. Through this partnership, CHSA members can further their education and benefit from Preferred Pricing and an Application Fee Waiver when enrolling as a new, full-time student in one of its programs, including the Online Child Development Bachelor’s Program or Online Master’s in Education Program.

We encourage you to contact Johnna Sangster
(858) 635-4633 |

andreini_lg.pngAndreini & Company

The andreiniADVANTAGE™ is a fusion of unparalleled technical knowledge and services, excellent relationships with every major insurance company doing business in California and the attitude that we're going to come to work everyday focused on managing our partners' business risk. Every one of our customers is a partner. To our client partners, the andreiniADVANTAGE™ means that you're getting a customized insurance program and we're helping you execute it. We have been creating innovation in the insurance marketplace and building insurance programs that fit our clients for more than 56 years.

As a partner of CHSA, Andreini & Company has been generous in their contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Tracey A. Dela Riva
(800) 944-8501 |

ccr_lg.jpgCCR Analytics (formerly Child Care Results)

CCR Analytics specializes in helping child care organizations get the most value from their child assessment, community assessment and operational data. Through careful analysis, they give decision makers the critical insights they need to make informed decisions. Their results are always presented in thoughtful and compelling visual formats to make it easy for everyone to understand and use the information. They're active in supporting the goals of child care organizations throughout California, providing training, research for advocacy, and strategic planning for the subsidized child care sector. Please contact CCR Analytics for more information on custom trainings, community assessment data packages, assessment analysis, eliminating the data entry for DRDP, or surveys for your agency.

As a partner of CHSA, CCR Analytics has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Peter Huffaker
(800) 493-8621 |

ccclogo-lg.jpgChildCare Careers

ChildCare Careers (CCC) is the largest staffing firm dedicated to the child care field. CCC provides fully qualified and pre-screened teachers, assistant teachers and site directors to child care centers, preschools, and before & after school programs. CCC teachers are available on-demand, even same day, for short-term assignments, long-term assignments or permanent placements. CCC works with all types of child care organizations, including public & private, non-profit & for-profit, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, school districts, and community organizations.

As a partner of CHSA, ChildCare Careers has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Jason Jones
(650) 372-1122 |

ccclogo-lg.jpgChild Care Purchasing Alliance

The Child Care Purchasing Alliance (CCPA) helps programs save time and money when purchasing the products and services they need to operate. This all inclusive consultative service is free to child care providers, and their supportive associations, and has created opportunities for programs to not only improve the overall quality of their programs, but also increase their reach to their communities.

Through group buying power and cooperative negotiations, CCPA is able to reduce costs in such areas as program and janitorial supplies, food procurement, furniture, playground equipment, site construction, human resource services, liability insurance, medical benefit administration for employees, and much more. Additionally, these products and services are customized to the program's needs, and designed to also increase the quality of those service areas.

The consultative process offered by CCPA is very simple, and there is no obligation to utilize any service. Head Start programs and their supporting agencies have access to risk free assessments in any area of service, and our consultative team is happy to provide these cost saving services free of charge. Please feel free to contact us to learn more, and start a risk free assessment today!

As a partner of CHSA, Child Care Purchasing Alliance has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Joe Bonner
(949) 307-2631 |


Childcraft’s mantra is simply to "put children first". This cornerstone idea inspires us to develop the most innovative, developmentally appropriate learning materials and furnishings for every child from birth to grade 2.

We believe that children learn most naturally by utilizing their own creativity and curiosity. Guided by this, Childcraft’s expert team of former educators carefully develop products that encourage hands-on learning and inspire children to explore and discover. The breadth and depth of Childcraft’s unique product assortment enables you to create an entire learning space where children can grow and explore.

For more than 70 years, Childcraft has manufactured award-winning wood furnishings in our own facility in Lancaster, PA. As a manufacturer, we can ensure that the highest standards for safety, durability, and educational value are always built in. And, all Childcraft furnishings are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We invite you to consider Childcraft learning materials, supplies, and furnishing for all your early childhood learning spaces. At Childcraft® and School Specialty®, we share your passion for creating a brighter future for every child.

As a partner of CHSA, Childcraft has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Gary Tanner
(562) 252-2527 |


ChildPlus_Logo_2016reg.pngChildPlus Software

ChildPlus is the #1 provider of Head Start management software. We offer all-inclusive software with the features you need to track and improve program operations and services to families. ChildPlus keeps up-to-date with the most current Head Start performance standards, the PIR, and OHS monitoring protocols. Our proven track record of 30+ years says it all. Whether you’re a small Head Start or a super grantee, ChildPlus can take your agency further. Learn more about ChildPlus at our website, call 800.888.6674, or email today.

As a partner of CHSA, ChildPlus Software has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact ChildPlus
(800) 888-6674 |

discountschool-lg.jpgDiscount School Supply

Discount School Supply develops, manufactures, imports, and sells products in 14 categories from arts and crafts materials and school supplies to educational toys. Founded in 1985, the company employs sales consultants, many of whom are trained educators, who serve as liaisons with teachers.

As a partner of CHSA, Discount School Supply has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Discount School Supply
(800) 627-2829

KaplanLogo_sm.pngKaplan Early Learning Company

The philosophy behind Kaplan Early Learning Company is very simple… we care about children. Education builds futures and what better way to start than with young children. We specialize in providing products that lay the foundation for early learning which helps children prepare for life long success.

As a partner of CHSA, Kaplan Early Learning Company has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Kaplan
(800) 334-2014

lakeshore-lg.jpgLakeshore Learning Materials

Lakeshore Learning Materials provides early childhood programs with a wide range of products that strengthen school readiness skills and align to the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning framework. From Early Head Start to Head Start and beyond, we’re here to promote the success of all children.

As a partner of CHSA, Lakeshore Learning Materials has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Ed Sudario or Jon Bell
(800) 421-5354

Learning Genie Inc

Learning Genie is a cross platform parent engagement and portfolio assessment app for early childhood education. It enables a timely and interactive way for home-school connection by engaging parents through daily updates in children’s learning and educational recommendations from educators. Learning Genie also provides an easy way for educators to document classroom observations on children's learning activities with pictures and videos. Educators can link observations to appropriate early learning domains and measures, rate the measurements, and track progress and outcomes. Learning Genie has been used by many college lab centers, school districts, and head start programs in California for DRDP2015. As a corporate partner of California Head Start Association, Learning Genie is committed to support CHSA members with special grant programs to use the Learning Genie application. Contact us for more details.   

As a partner of CHSA, Learning Genie Inc has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Lala Zhang
(760) 576-4298 |

one_solution_tech.jpgOne Solution Technology

OST's powerful web-based childcare data management solution, CLOUDS, offers users the widest and most integrated range of data management tools for maintaining an organization’s data on children, families, employees, centers/facilities and administration. CLOUDS is a comprehensive childcare and safety management system that uses the latest technology to provide convenient, safe and immediate mobile/remote access to students, family , and center information through and integrated iPhone or iPad platform.

As a partner of CHSA, One Solution Technology has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact One Solution Technology
(408) 799-7796 |

POCLogo-lg.jpgPacific Oaks College & Children's School 

Founded more than 60 years ago on the belief that every individual has unique gifts and infinite potential. Pacific Oaks College has become known for providing a transformative education specifically tailored to adults and non-traditional students. Rooted in the principles of inclusion and social justice, and the belief that every individual has unique strengths and potential, our curricula is designed to help you uncover and leverage your unique gifts-and then go on to help others do the same. Whether you are returning to school to complete your bachelor's degree and launch a new chapter in your life, or pursuing a master's degree to advance your current career, Pacific Oaks will nurture and empower you to achieve your dreams. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Pacific Oaks College offers a range of bachelor's, masters and certificate programs-in flexible on line and on-ground formats to meet the needs of non-traditional and adult students. Bachelor Early Childhood Education, Bachelor Early Childhood Education w/ Dual Credential, Masters Early Childhood Education, Bachelor Human Development, Masters Human Development, Marital & Family Therapy.

As a partner of CHSA, Pacific Oaks College & Children's School has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact Pacific Oaks College & Children's School
(877) 314-2380  | 

TouaboutToys-lg.jpgTout About Toys

Tout About Toys is your full-service, customer-focused, school supply and consulting company. We simplify your life. Our personalized customer service and wide product selection reaches beyond a standard catalog. We research the entire industry for products and materials which will enhance your learning environment while you enhance children's futures.

As a partner of CHSA, Tout About Toys has been generous in its contribution to our association.

For more information about Tout About Toys, please contact Linda Kahrs
(800)-598-1523 |

Tubia_Logo.jpgThe United Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc.

The advent of United Brokers started over a fiery debate between Bill Donaldson and Michael DiManno on Obamacare and how it would affect the staffing industry back in 2012. Both Bill and Mike were students of this difficult and changing law and were impressed by each other’s knowledge and aggressive pursuit of trying to find a deeper understanding of how it will change the market in the future. With mutual respect they decided to join forces to create a new kind of agency that was different from where they and worked for in the past. The goal was to be uniquely qualified to service the clients and promote quality client relationships over growth.

In order to do this we decided to serve only industries that we felt we had an advantage over other brokerage houses because of domain expertise, technology, or other attributes that would give us an edge. An important part of that was to make sure that we never outgrow our ability to stay in touch with the needs and desires of each client. We seek out the best employees who have a similar passion for service and experience in the markets they serve. Another aspect that bound the two founders was the belief that being a good corporate citizen comes with the responsibility of recirculating our success through philanthropic efforts that strengthen the communities we serve. We look to our employees and vendors to join us in that effort through a variety of programs.

As a partner of CHSA, The United Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc. has been generous in its contribution to our association.

We encourage you to contact William Donaldson
(530) 419-1130 |