CYFS MSHS Director

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, Inc. - San Luis Obispo, CA

Position Summary:

The Child, Youth & Family Services (CYFS) MSHS Director is responsible for all administrative functions related to the operation of the MSHS Program. The Director is responsible in establishing and maintaining an on-going operative relationship with all federal, state, local governmental agencies, school districts, sub contracted private agencies and churches. Provide leadership, ensuring plans and evaluations for all program and agency objectives. Assists in developing and establishing operating policies/systems that are consistent with CYFS division goals, objectives and the overall mission of the agency. Supports CAPSLO’s mission by ensuring the region this position supervises operates effectively with a positive impact on as many children and families as possible.

Responsibilities & Duties:

1. Administration: Responsible for the coordination, implementation and evaluation of the comprehensive MSHS Program according to pertinent laws, guidelines and policies.

2. New Grant Applications and Program Development: Work collaboratively in EHS, MSHS, Partnership planning, preparation and development of new funding sources. Work closely with the Planning Department. Ensure that grant and contract specifications are met. Submit required proposals for applicable federal funds: such as COLA, quality improvement funds, expansion funds and one time only funds. Takes lead in writing the annual federal Head Start grants and works closely with the Planning Department in various aspects of the Grants and assisting with the community needs assessment.

3. Responsible for supervision of: Area managers, Food Program Manager, Specialists, Supervisors, Coordinators and Consultants to ensure program compliance.

4. Works closely with the CYFS Coordinators for Technical Assistance Services and Transportation and Safety Coordinator concerning issues related to transportation and safety of children.

5. Oversees the recruitment and hiring process. Participate in panel interviews and candidate selections as needed. Ensure that the individuals hired in each position meet the minimum qualifications and are performing their job responsibilities at or above satisfactory level.

6. Supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff ensuring job performance is at a satisfactory level, or higher.

7. Fiscal/Budget: Assist CYFS Division Director and the Chief Financial Officer to develop a Head Start/Early Head Start Partnership, operational budgets to maximize effective approaches to help meet community needs and concerns, including operational costs, and capital expenditures. Coordinates with the Division Director and Chief Financial Officer in the implementation of internal and external reporting systems and procedures designated to monitor and control: fiscal activities, facilities acquisition, operating and payroll expenses. Make recommendations in revising the budget as needed. Ensure fiscal compliance with all funding sources.

8. Participates in audit entrance and exit interviews. Resolve directly, or by delegation, audit exceptions and implementation of related management recommendations.

9. Ensure utilization and documentation of local in-kind funding sources meet the non-federal match requirements.

10. Staff Development: Directly oversees program training needs, including center staff, administrative middle management support staff, and the ongoing training for State Funded Centers in collaboration with Regional Head Start Director that implement a Montessori curriculum. Monitor the training budget and track expenditures for staff training. Also monitor for centers that operate a bilingual curriculum model that reflects aspects of the Creative Curriculum, and the guidelines set forth in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and California Preschool Learning Foundations.

11. Relationships with Parents and Parent Groups: Establishes and maintains positive relationships with parents and parent groups. Set an example, ensuring staff Training to effectively work and communication with parents. Provides leadership in recognizing and demonstrating the importance of welcoming and maximizing parent involvement in the programs. Ensures that parent and parent groups are directly involved in the development and/or approval of decision-making, policy development, self-assessments and activities of each program. Ensures compliance with policy and procedure including appropriate documentation per individual project/program and auditing requirements. Monitor the training budget and track expenditures for staff training. Works with Policy Council to ensure compliance with Head Start/Early Migrant Head Start regulations guidelines and revised performance standards and the Head Start Act 2007. Ensures parent Engagement involvement in program decision through establishment of Policy Council.

12. Communication: Establish, maintain and monitor the two-way flow of written and oral communication/information among and between centers, Head Start, Area Managers and Regional Program Directors. Ensure all are appropriately and continually informed. Inform Parent Advisory Council or staff of monthly Average Daily Attendance (ADA) figures and financial reports. Provide written documentation and program reports to the Division Director as needed and upon request. Reports may include: committee reports, Board Reports, personnel, Career Development, Directors reports, and others. Maintain effective and appropriate communication with the Board of Directors and Division Director.

13. Monitoring: Establish a monitoring system for routine and special program activities that includes goals and objectives. Review and approve maintenance orders and purchase orders for program supplies, equipment and sites repairs. Work closely with CAPSLO Facilities Department for renovation and repair projects

14. Planning: Plan, organize, and implement long and short range goals, objectives and activities designed to implement each program. Assure compliance with State and Federal regulations, laws and reporting requirements. Assist the Division Director with the development and the implementation of a strategic plan for CYFS MSHS Programs.

15. Resource Development: Plan for and develop utilization of community resources. Initiate and maintain working relationships with public and private agencies that can provide supporting services to the MSHS program. Mobilize available local, state and Federal resources to increase the scope and quality of programs for the child, youth and family services within CAPSLO.

16. Community Relationships and Partnerships: Provide leadership and direction to promote collaboration with other agencies. Form partnerships to augment services, share information, funds, training and service delivery methods.

17. Advocacy: Represent MSHS programs at the community, state and national levels. Attend State, Regional, and National conferences. Engage in workshops to maintain current knowledge of regulations and requirements.

18. Required meeting attendance:


• Pre-Service


• In-service trainings


• Special conferences


• Attends Area Manager meetings


• Attends the Senior Management meetings


• CAPSLO Board of Directors, as needed


• Hold regular meetings with the Division Director


• Health Advisory Committee


• Budget Meetings


• Other related committees/meetings


21. Other Duties: Performs other duties as instructed by the Child, Youth and Family Services Development Division Director to carry out the CAPSLO administrative and programmatic activities necessary to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of State Funded programs and the agency.

22. Provides leadership in the interpretation, application and dissemination of state and federal laws, regulations and CAPSLO Policies and Procedures to staff and Policy Council.

23. Performs any other duties as required to carry out the administrational and programmatic activities necessary to fulfill the goals and objectives of the CAPSLO Stare Child Development, Head Start and Early Head Start Programs.


Minimum Educational and Experience Requirements:

1. BA/BS in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Child Development (CD), or related field.

2. Must have five plus years of supervisory, administrative or management experience in an ECE/CD program or related field.

3. Bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish and English is required.


1. MA/MS in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Child Development (CD), Public Administration or related field.

2. Must have three plus years of supervisory, administrative or management experience in an ECE/CD program or related field.

3. Bilingual and bi-literate in Spanish and English is required.


Other Requirements:

1. Must have a proven track record moving an organization forward through effective management and innovative ideas.

2. Must be energetic, self-confident and have an approachable supervisory style.

3. Must be politically astute.

4. Must be able to work evenings and weekends as needed.

5. Must be available to travel out of county as needed.

6. Must demonstrate sound judgment, supervisory and administrative skills.

7. Must be able to guide and direct the work of others.

8. Must have strong leadership skills.

9. Must be able to train other staff successfully.

10. Must have an understanding of budget process and management of expenditures.

11. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

12. Must provide certificate of completion of an approved first aid class within 90 days of hire.

13. Employment is contingent upon meeting all job requirements and background requirements: criminal history check, education verification, acknowledgement of child abuse reporting responsibility, criminal record statement, etc. A criminal history clearance is required within seven days of completing the Live Scan.

14. Must pass health screening and TB skin test or chest X-ray prior to beginning employment.

15. Must have dependable, insured transportation and a valid California Driver’s license

 (mileage to be reimbursed) and acceptable driving record. A DMV printout and proof of insurance will be required.

16. Must use reasonable precautions in the performance of one’s duties and adhere to all applicable safety rules and practices; and act in such a manner as to assure at all times maximum safety to one’s self, fellow employees, clients and children.

17. Must be able to relate well to all people of the community regardless of color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic level.

18. Employment in Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Programs is contingent upon approval of the Policy Council and Regional Office.

19. Must understand, uphold, and continue working toward accomplishing the mission, strategic goals and performance measures of the agency. As a supervisor, must assure all direct reports understand their role in accomplishing the above.

20. Fosters a learning environment embracing diverse abilities and approaches.

21. Uses best practices and demonstrates up-to-date knowledge and skills in technology.

22. Ability to appropriately manage confidential information.


Physical and Environmental Requirements:

Position requires intermittent sitting, standing, walking, twisting, and bending. Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds. Simple grasping and hand manipulation required as well as reaching above and below shoulder level. Requires working indoors in temperature controlled environment with some exposure to copier and printer chemicals/fumes. 

Job Details

Category: Management

Type: FT

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Salary: 34.16 - 51.48

Posted On: February 20th, 2018

Agency Details


Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County is a nonprofit agency that focuses on helping people and changing lives through serving nearly 40,000 persons across Central and Southern California.  We are committed to eliminating poverty by empowering individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination through a comprehensive array of community-based programs.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider