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El Monte City School District - El Monte, CA

El Monte City School District Position Description
Position: Assistant Director, Child Development Programs
Position Number:
Department/Site: Child Development
FSLA: Exempt
Reports to/Evaluated by: Director
Salary Grade: 26

Plans, directs, and coordinates the services, activities, operations, and monitoring of special services and student support to child development programs. Participates in directing classroom services and administrative support. Assists the Director in promoting the interests of the department to local and regional committees, agencies, and regulatory groups.

Distinguishing Career Features
The Assistant Director is a management position that is designed to focus on integrating special services with the core programs provided by the department, assisting and standing in for the Director, and participating in program development and external relations. The Assistant Director requires demonstrated competency in program administration and development and the ability to supervise child development classrooms. Advancement to this position is based on need and compliance with the stated job qualifications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assists the Director in developing short and long range plans, organization and coordination of current operations, and supervision of specific specialized services.
  • Develops and recommends goals and objectives, information flow, program priorities, and policies and procedures. Communicates, implements, and evaluates effectives of approved changes and enhancements.6
  • Establishes standards for level of service. Monitors and reviews performance of assigned services, supervisors, and support staff.
  •  Directs and coordinates special services to head start and preschool programs such as but not limited to mental health, disabilities, speech and language, instructional support, enrollment and attendance.
  • Serves as a liaison between Child Development programs and other departments, school sites, and community resources who sponsor services, form partnerships, and/or who are monitoring performance and compliance.
  • Organizes, prepares for, and facilitates federal, state, and local performance monitoring and compliance visits.
  • Designs and delivers in-service training to teachers and parents on topics that enhance classroom performance and parent skills.
  • Conducts research and develops proposals for expansion of services, grants, and other sources of supplemental funding. Assigns proposal details to support services supervision and/or staff.
  • Conducts research and community outreach to identify potential new students and services. May initiate contact with families and agencies to encourage children to enroll in the programs offered by the department.
  • Oversees testing and assessment for new students, student progress, and for funding compliance. Consults with staff on student assessments.
  • Establishes performance standards and conducts periodic appraisals of teacher and support staff performance. Conduct self-assessments of child development programs and uses data to modify performance standards of teachers and staff and adjust curriculum.
  • Consults with district and school site administrators on meeting the needs of students who are making the transition to the K-8 environment.
  • Organizes and coordinates programs of community outreach that enhance involvement and student registration and attendance. Directs and participates in developing written newsletters and other communications to the public.
  • Researches, evaluates enrollment trends, and prepares and recommends budgets for programs and services. Participates in processes and decision-making regarding staffing levels and recruitment and selection of staff.
  • Serves as acting-director in the Director’s absence.
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


Knowledge and Skills
The position requires specialized knowledge of the principles and practices of school management in the California education environment. Requires specialized knowledge of early childhood development theory, practice, and programs. Requires in-depth knowledge of the policies, procedures, goals and objectives of child development programs and District organization, goals and objectives as they relate to the programs. Requires in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations, codes and laws relating to programs. Special knowledge is required in the emotional, physical, and mental variations and needs of pre-school and elementary age children. Requires well-developed analytical skills to link educational outcomes to curriculum and financial expenditures, conduct research on trends, etc. Requires well-developed analytical skills to link outcomes to financial proposals, conduct research on trends, etc. Requires advanced report writing skills along with knowledge and use of computing and technological skills to support all aspects of the program. Requires well-developed human relations skill to prepare formal presentations to diverse audiences, build productive work teams, manage performance, and initiate outreach to parent and community groups that include diverse populations.

Requires the ability to carry out the objectives of the position. Requires the ability to plan, organize, and integrate services and staff in such a way that produces multi-disciplinary approaches to early childhood education. Requires the ability to learn, apply and interpret regulations and objectives set forth by federal, state agencies, and the District. Requires the ability to assess service level, compliance, academic and developmental outcomes, and offer improvements to programs and staff capabilities. Requires the ability to research and seek funding mechanisms for programs and services. Requires the ability to develop and conduct skill-development and continuing education training of teachers and other support staff. Requires the ability to research and source opportunities for funding expanded and new programs. Requires the ability to monitor and comply with budget limits. Requires the ability to conduct program performance and compliance assessments. Require the ability to work varying schedules.

Physical Abilities
Requires normal hearing and speaking skills to communicate with staff. Requires visual acuity to read numbers and words. Requires the ability to stand and walk for intermittent periods of time, to lift light to medium objects on an infrequent basis (10-25 lbs), and to push or pull lightweight objects.

Education and Experience
The position typically requires a Bachelor’s degree with major coursework in any of the following areas: Childhood Development, Education, Human or Family services, Educational Fiscal Management or related field. Five years of teaching and/or Head Start experience along with supervisory experience within a multi-lingual environment. A Master’s degree is desired and may substitute for some experience. Additionally, the position requires the credentials listed below.

Licenses and Certificates
Requires a valid driver’s license. Requires a permit as a Child Development Program Director or Administrative credential.

Working Conditions

Work is performed indoors with minimal exposure to health and safety hazards.

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Stephanie Leal -

Job Details

Category: Program Administration

Type: FT

Location: El Monte, CA

Salary: 77304.00 - 121707.00

Posted On: May 16th, 2018

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The El Monte City School District (EMCSD) Head Start Program has served the El Monte area for the last 26 years-providing quality, comprehensive community-based services for low income preschool age children and their families. EMCSD currently operates 39 child development preschool classes located at 11 schools within the District.  They serve 800 preschool students through Head Start, State Preschool, full day general child care through the California Department of Education and Los Angeles County Office of Education.  Due to the fact that their preschool classes are located on district school sites, their transitions to the K-8 program for both regular and special needs students is very strong.  We acknowledge that early intervention is extremely important to education and health if we want to improve the lives of our students and their families.