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Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo - San Ardo, CA

CAPSLO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug Free Workplace. All positions are subject solely to CAPSLO's agency-wide policies, compensation structures and benefit packages. An applicant's prior compensation package will have no bearing in regards to employment with CAPSLO.


Position Summary:

 Responsible at the center level for the day to day operation of the center including direct supervision of all center staff, monitoring and evaluation of all center staff, record keeping, curriculum,  family partnerships and involvement in the community. Ensures that State and local regulations, the Head Start Performance Standard and CAPSLO and Head Start Policies and Procedures are adhered to at a center level. Supports CAPSLO’s mission by ensuring the operation of the center is run effectively to support as many children and families as possible within the San Diego Area.

 Responsibilities & Duties:

 1.       Ensures daily that the overall program quality offered at the center level adheres to all state laws and licensing regulations, the Head Start Performance Standards, CAPSLO Personnel Policies and Procedures and instructions from the Program Director, Program Manager, and Education Supervisor.

 2.       Provides direct supervision of Teachers, Home Visitors, Associate Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Family Service Advocates, volunteers and trainees assigned to the center as assigned by the Program Director and Program Manager.

 3.       Participates in the daily housekeeping duties at the center level including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc., which involves twisting, lifting, bending, carrying, pulling, pushing, reaching, etc.  Ensures that the cleaning procedures are followed and the proper sanitation products, as designated by the Health Coordinator are implemented.

 4.       Documents and tracks appropriate instruments and forms to ensure the program requirements are met in the mandated time frame as per the Head Start Performance Standards. Ensures that delegated staff document and track the following:

 Child/Family files

  • Ongoing Assessment and Transition Plans
  • Meal Counts
  • Food Production Form
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Emergency Plans
  • Health and Safety Materials
  • Monthly Monitoring Checklists
  • Lesson Plans
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Other documents as assigned


5.       Keeps the Head Start Policy and Procedure binders updated on an ongoing basis. Will use the binders for training purposes and to guide the day to day operation of the center.

 6.       Orders consumable supplies including paper, glue, paint, brushes, etc. to be used with children in the classroom, and instructional materials and equipment within the budget amount allocated for such purposes.

 7.       Plans and conducts a staff meeting each month. Provides the Education Supervisor with the planned agenda prior to the meeting and with the minutes after each meeting. 

 8.       Implements the curriculum.  Ensures that the center environment (indoors and outdoors) is developmentally appropriate, safe, and offers children a wide variety of experiences.  Responsible for lesson plans with input from families, staff, children and consultants.

 9.      Participates in the physical activities (games, music, and movement, outside play, etc.) with the children which involves lifting, carry, twisting, stooping, pulling, pushing, reaching, and other repetitive movements.

 10.     Works with all staff to plan agendas for the monthly Parent Committee Meetings. Responsible for Parent Education, Curriculum Planning and Center Goals at the Parent Committee Meetings.

 11.    Attends monthly Parent Committee meetings along with the Family Service Advocate, and acts as a resource.

 12.     Participates in community committees including the local school districts, Healthy Start, Etc.

 13.     Acts as the Case Manager for the children enrolled in their assigned classroom.

 14.   Keeps informed of community agencies, resources, workshops and classes. Encourages parent participation in program and community events.

 15.   Implements the Federal Performance standards for children with Disabilities in the Head Start program, with assistance from the Disabilities Coordinator.

 16.   Teaches one class of children, when needed.

 17.   Keeps the Program Director, Program Manager, and Education Supervisor informed of any problems or concerns related to the operation of the center.

 18.   Implements and directs instructional staff to follow the Communication System.

 19.     Shares responsibility for overall quality of education experience for child/children with disabilities.

 20.     Aids children in developing self-help skills: toileting, feeding, dressing, etc.

 21.     Implements, as a member of a multi-disciplinary team, each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and participates in case conferencing, as needed.

 22.     Monitors Home Visitor schedules, month-end paperwork, caseloads, home visit attendance and make-up visits.  Observes home visits and socializations on a regular basis.

 23.     Performs other duties as assigned by the Program Director, Program Manager and Education Supervisor.

 Minimum Educational and Experience



Center Supervisor

Minimum Requirements



Level I

24 units ECE/CD (1) (4)

AA/AS  (or 60 units)


3 units Administration

24 units ECE/CD (1)


16 units general education (2)

3 units Administration


4 years related teaching experience  (3ab)

2 years  related teaching experience (3ab)


RCCP, Teacher Permit or higher (5)

RCCP, Teacher Permit or higher (5)




Level II




6 units Administration

12 units ECE/CD (1)


2 units Adult Supervision

3 units Administration


2 years related teaching experience (3ab)

3 units Supervised Field Experience


1 year supervisory experience (3a)

1 year related teaching exp. (3ab)


RCCP, Teacher Permit or higher (5)

Master Teacher Permit or higher (5)



(Additional alternative qualifications listed on the State CD matrix)

Level III




12 units ECE/CD (1)



6 units Administration



2 units Adult Supervision



3 units Supervised Field Experience



1 year  exp. as a Center Supervisor (3a)



Site Supervisor Permit or higher (5)





(1)   Units in ECE/CD include course work in early childhood education/child development and at  least one course in each of the following core areas 1) child/human growth and development 2) child, family and community, or child and family relations; 3) programs/curriculum. Must have received passing grade of “C” or better or credit.

(2)  General Education Units include sixteen diversified semester units in general education (i.e., at least one course in each of the following areas:  Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Math and/or Science and English/Language Arts.

(3)  a. Experience  must be in a licensed day care center, comparable home daycare or group child care program for children ages 0 - 5 b. under the supervision of a person who would qualify as a Center Supervisor.  College internships and labs served in a licensed day care center will count as experience.

(4)  For infant/toddler center(s), 3 semester units in infant/toddler development and/or programs must be included as part of the course work requirement for all of the above.

(5)  Must hold appropriate Children’s Center Permit or qualify for an appropriate Children’s Center Permit prior to beginning employment and apply within 60 days of commencing employment.


Other Requirements:

 1.       Must have strong written and verbal communication skills.

 2.       Must be willing to increase basic knowledge of child development and early childhood education, as well as techniques of working with children with special needs and their families.

 3.       Must have knowledge of and the ability to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

 4.       Must demonstrate a strong appreciation of human growth at all levels including children, parents, staff and community.

 5.       Must demonstrate sound judgment, supervisory and administrative skills.

 6.       Must be self-motivated and able to work with a minimum of supervision.

 7.      Must be able to relate well to all people of the community regardless of color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic level.

 8.       Must be able to guide and direct the work of others, when applicable.

 9.       Must provide certificates of completion of approved pediatric first aid and pediatric CPR training within 30 days of hire.  Employee is responsible for renewing and maintaining a valid CPR/first aid certification at all times.

 10.     Must have dependable, insured transportation and valid California Driver’s License (mileage to be reimbursed) and acceptable driving record.  A DMV printout and proof of insurance will be required.

 11.    Must use reasonable precautions in the performance of one’s duties and adhere to all applicable safety rules and practices; and act in such a manner as to assure at all times maximum safety to one’s self, fellow employees, clients and children.

 12.    Must complete health screening and TB skin test or chest X-ray prior to beginning employment.

 13.    Must keep informed of current Early Childhood Education practices and participate in training, workshops and classes.

 14.    Employment is contingent upon meeting all job requirements and background requirements: criminal history check, acknowledgement of child abuse reporting responsibility, criminal record statement, etc. A criminal history clearance is required within seven days of completing the Live Scan.

 15.    Employment in Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Programs is contingent upon approval of the Policy Council.

 16.   Must understand, uphold, and continue working toward accomplishing the mission, strategic goals and performance measures of the agency. As a supervisor, must assure all direct reports understand their role in accomplishing the above.


Physical and Environmental Requirements: 

Position requires intermittent sitting, standing, walking, twisting, and bending. Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds. Simple grasping and hand manipulation required as well as reaching above and below shoulder level.  Must be able to withstand      exposure to noise in a childcare environment.

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Category: Educators/Classroom

Type: FT

Location: San Ardo, CA

Salary: 20.00 - 24.00

Posted On: July 3rd, 2019

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Community Action Partnership serves 36,000 persons across San Luis Obispo County and ten other central and southern California counties. Through a variety of programs and in collaboration with other community service agencies, Community Action Partnership helps individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and economic stability through programs that focus on:

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