Home Based Coordinator

Children First Early Head Start - Inglewood, CA

The Coordinator will:

  • Provide individual supervision to playgroups and all home visiting staff; complete and review professional development goals for each staff; monitor program attendance as required by the EHS performance standards; complete annual home visits and HVORS with staff members; review all paperwork completed by staff on a daily basis; and assist and monitor curriculum implementation with Fidelity.
  • Help implement dual language strategies and activities that promote the home as a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and responsive. Ability to supervise staff and be detail oriented, and help ensure quality of service.
  • Responsible for the child development and educational program aspects, including school readiness, child outcomes and full implementation of the curriculum to fidelity, developmental screenings and assessments.
  • Participate in program wide activities including but not limited to program planning, self-assessment, and community assessment.
  • Work collaboratively with HB education manager to complete staff evaluations on a timely manner.
  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings including Venice Family Clinic meetings.
  • Monitor and inform strategies to promote progress toward school readiness goals.
  • Help implement appropriate research-based early childhood the curriculum.
  • Promote the parent’s role as the child’s teacher through experiences focused on the parent-child relationship and, as appropriate, the family’s traditions, culture, values, and beliefs;
  • Help monitor implementation of the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.
  • Support staff in the effective implementation of the curriculum and at a minimum monitor curriculum implementation and fidelity, and provide support, feedback, and supervision for continuous improvement of its implementation through the system of training and professional development.
  • Support and promote VFC mission and vision.
  • Plans, organizes, and coordinates group socializations for HB families in collaboration with other content area managers.
    • Maintain accurate records. Complete all weekly paperwork associated with group socials.
    • Implement and monitor the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS),
    • Maintain efficient and effective data entry.
    • Conduct observations and works collaboratively with the coach to provide on-going monitoring and support to the home visiting staff.
    • Supports staff and families to accomplish successful transitions for children and their families.
    • Keep abreast of new developments in the field of early childhood development, parent and family engagement, social services, prenatal and related areas.  Attend trainings as required.
    • Ability to supervise staff and be detail oriented, following up on concerns, help insure quality of service and accurate record keeping.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work cooperatively as a team leader and team member.
    • Knowledge and sensitivity to cultural differences.
    • Follow HIPPA guidelines. Establish and maintain professional boundaries with parents when handling program and personal issues.
    • Cooperate with co-workers and respect their opinions and contributions.
    • Manage time and prioritize a busy schedule.
    • Be prepared and punctual for meetings and work.
    • Monitor and incorporate educational experiences including transition and activities in the home visits relevant to child’s physical health, safety, nutrition, dental health, and mental health, at least once on a monthly basis.
      • Assess the specific strengths and needs of each pregnant woman, family and child.
      • Knowledge of CA State Labor Laws, UCLA Personnel Policies and HX bargaining unit.

    This position will perform other duties as assigned.

    Play Group Facilitator

    Performance Standard (1302.22) Home Based Option.

    1. Implement and follow PIWI (Parents Interacting with Infants) structure, during play groups
    2. Implement Socialization protocol.
    3. Review all plans and complete all paperwork for all groups. Review attendance and plan all schedules. Align plans with the Head Start Learning Outcomes Framework and the home based curriculum.
    4. Implement guidelines for Socialization activities including meal guidelines.
    5. Monitors the site and maintain a sanitary and safe environment for infant and toddlers. Reports facility needs/ safety issues immediately to Program Office Manager.
    6. Act as a liaison between clients, the Children First Early Head Start staff, including all content area managers and dietician.  Meet with managers as needed.
    7. Plans, schedules play groups.  Collaborate with the registered dietician so all meals are planned and safe for children with allergies.  
    8. Encourage parent participation in groups, through mailing of invitations/ flyers.

    The position requires a current CA driver’s license, own transportation and insurance.

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Category: Management

Type: FT

Location: Inglewood, CA

Salary: Competitive Salary

Posted On: August 9th, 2019

Agency Details

Website: https://staging.venicefamilyclinic.org/programs-and-services/community-wellness/children-first-early-head-start/

Venice Family Clinic’s Children First Early Head Start is a comprehensive child development program for families with children from birth to 3-years-old and pregnant mothers.

Our goal is to promote the health, safety and well-being of young children and their families by

  • strengthening the bond between parent and child
  • helping parents learn about their child’s needs at each stage of development
  • providing access to free or affordable health care, including medical and dental care, nutrition education, immunizations, and more
  • referring participants to community resources that can help them meet their basic needs, including assistance with housing, food, education, childcare and employment

Children First Early Head Start is a federally funded program that currently serves 180 low-income families on the Westside of Los Angeles.