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JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for providing content area expertise in the areas of Child Nutrition according to Head Start Performance Standards.  This position is also responsible for prenatal nutrition.  This position consults with families and staff about best practices in breast feeding, infant and toddler nutrition, prenatal and family nutrition.  This position works closely with the Head Services Manager for meal service at play groups and family child care, center and CACFP regulations, trainings for parents and staff and meeting federal guidelines.





  1. Must maintain confidentiality. Use discretion with matters of families and program as appropriate. (Any misuse of confidential information may be basis for disciplinary action.)
  2. Communication  techniques and expectations:
  1. Model effective communication
  2. Use appropriate channels and staff to problem-solve and refer families.
  3. Meet problem situations with understanding and diplomacy.
  4. Use a professional attitude and approach to working with parents, co-workers and community volunteers.
  5. Participate and promote a positive working relationship with all staff and Early Head Start families.



  1. Be familiar with and adhere to Children First Early Head Start Program Policies and Procedures.
  2. Cooperate with co-workers and respect their opinions and contributions. Share materials and ideas readily with co-workers.



Program Planning & Implementation

  1. Has shared responsibility for the following areas in the Head Start Performance Standards:

                        Child Nutrition

                                    Identification of Nutritional needs

                                    Nutritional Services

                                    Meal Service

                                    Family Assistance with Nutrition

                                    Food Safety and Sanitation

                                    Services to Pregnant Women

                                    Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

  1. Provide content area expertise for development of policies and procedures for the nutrition services plan included in the program health plan.
  2. Review, evaluate, and interpret children’s health records to help determine children’s nutritional status.
  3. Assisting in developing, implementing and monitoring a system for the following:  identification of nutritional needs for each child; ensuring and documenting/tracking that nutritional intervention has been provided and facilitated for children and families with nutritional problems or concerns.
  4. Manage Nutrition Assessments for the program
  5. Participate monthly in Board report for Governance groups and PIR data
  6. Lead the program’s nutrition needs assessment and revisit annually.
  7. Work with other members of the management team and the Health Services Advisory Committee to formulate the nutrition sections of the program’s work plans as well as nutrition related policy and procedure development.
  8. Act as a collaborative liaison for the program with other community food and nutrition agencies.
  9. Review menus to ensure both USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program and Head Start Performance Standards are met by the meals and snacks served.  The menus will be signed and dated.
  10. Modify menus as needed to ensure that the individual nutritional needs of each child are met by meals and snacks.
  11. Provide special diets for children with identified needs, provide leadership and compliance on food allergies and substitutions. 
  12. Manage the CACFP contract for food service, compliance and reporting to the Board of Directors.
  13. Manage Food Service contract with food vendor for Center Base program meals and snacks. 
  14. Conduct on-site visits to ensure that food is prepared in a safe and sanitary manner and that Head Start and USDA requirements are being met (including:  family style meal service, all meal components are being provided and children are involved in the meal service).
  15. Ensure that nutrition-related training is provided for staff.
  16. Monitor that the program conducts business with only licensed food vendors/caterers that all compliance with federal, local, state and migrant food sanitation and safety laws is current and posted.
  17. Work with the Early Childhood team to ensure that relevant nutrition activities are part of the curriculum.
  18. Counsel families, individually or in groups regarding the specific nutritional needs of their children.
  19. Provide input regarding the ordering of materials and supplies related to nutrition.
  20. Ensure that breast milk and formula are provided are under proper handling and storage conditions.


  1. Makes necessary recommendations for appropriate training needs to meet program goals and objectives based on working with Children First Early Head Start staff.
  2. Designs and develops in-service training for Education staff depending on the specific family situation and Head Start Performance Standards.
  3. Provide training around Nutrition policies and procedures.
  4. Train Home Visitors, Center Teachers and the Child Care Education Manager, Site Director regarding how to work with families and to identify nutritional needs.



  • Knowledge: Knowledge of children’s community health and nutrition, Knowledge of public health and related programs in the community.
  • Knowledge of CACFP and Head Start Regulations
  • Skills: All necessary skills in the operation and maintenance of instruments and equipment used in performing any required procedures.
  • Abilities: Ability to recognize problem areas in health, nutrition, and development. Ability to relate well and maintain effective working relationships with staff, children, parents, and other agencies. Ability to exercise professional judgment in evaluating before making decisions and maintain all information in strict confidentiality.



  • R.D. status with the American Dietetic Association
  • Prefer experience working with an Early Head Start or another program serving young children
  • Experience with CACFP regulations
  • Spanish Language preferred



This person exercises a huge level of independence in making decisions and commitments within the parameters of corporate policies and procedures. Significant errors in judgment may endanger the health and safety of children or staff and may cause serious financial and/or legal repercussions of Venice Family Clinic.



You may be required to alter scheduled hours as necessary.

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Category: Health Services

Type: FT

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Salary: Competitive Salary

Posted On: October 9th, 2019

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Venice Family Clinic’s Children First Early Head Start is a comprehensive child development program for families with children from birth to 3-years-old and pregnant mothers.

Our goal is to promote the health, safety and well-being of young children and their families by:

- strengthening the bond between parent and child
- helping parents learn about their child’s needs at each stage of development
- providing access to free or affordable health care, including medical and dental care, nutrition education, immunizations, and more
- referring participants to community resources that can help them meet their basic needs, including assistance with housing, food, education, childcare and employment

Children First Early Head Start is a federally funded program that currently serves 180 low-income families on the Westside of Los Angeles.