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What We're Looking For:

We are seeking a Director of Human Resources who will manage and lead Crystal Stairs' Human Resources programs, supporting the agency's mission, vision, values, and strategic direction with emphasis on maintaining a highly competent, culturally diverse workforce, maintaining Crystal Stairs an employer-of-choice, and ensuring that the agency is in legal compliance with labor laws, human resources-related contractual requirements, and other regulatory compliance.  This position, which routinely interfaces with, supports and serves as advisor to and teams with executive management, will oversee effective execution of agency recruitment and selection, employee relations and retention, the administration and maintenance of compensation and benefits programs, organizational and professional development; succession planning, and employee communications and organizational culture management.  The Director, Human Resources is a highly experienced, confident HR generalist, leader and successful people manager, that is able to serve with integrity and conviction in the roles of business advisor, leader, talent manager and HR professional.  This individual is also able to provide solid advice on macro and micro levels, in a manner that engenders trust and confidence. The ideal candidate will have the following responsibilities:


  1. Strategic Human Resources Leadership
  2. Actively participate with the Chief Legal Officer and C-Suite in developing, implementing, and evaluating Crystal Stairs' corporate and personnel policies and procedures.
  3. Serve as a strong leader and advisor to management and maintain the trust and confidence of executive management.
  4. Lead the Human Resources management team in setting and meeting goals, assessing performance, and developing, improving and, when appropriate, redesigning services.  Evaluate departmental procedures to streamline and/or automate processes, improve customer service, reduce paper flow, enhance documented departmental policies and procedures and improve human resources data management and HRIS and human resources technology systems.
  5. Establish a climate within human resources that fosters high involvement, trust, and commitment to quality and excellent customer service among all staff members.  Design, establish, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the organization's goals and objectives. Recruit, select, develop, and evaluate human resources unit that has a commitment to teamwork across functional lines. Take measures to ensure that confidentiality is honored by all staff and is of high consideration when reviewing and building processes.
  6. Ensure that continuous quality improvement is used within the human resources function.  Develop and monitor mechanisms for assessing customer and staff satisfaction with human resources services, and use customer feedback in modifying service design and delivery.  Use external research and develop a strong network to inform decision-making from external and best practice perspective. 
  7. Regularly provide verbal, written, quantitative, and qualitative human resources analyses, briefings, and recommendations to the Chief Legal Officer, executive and senior management, and the Board of Directors.
  8. Represent the agency at professional organizations, special events, and any other meetings as assigned by the Chief Legal Officer.


2.   Recruitment and Selection:

  1. Manage the development, improvement, coordination, supervision, and evaluation of programs for employee recruitment, selection, and promotion to ensure proper and effective staffing of all positions with employees that perform on a high level and meet Agency needs. Develop and implement a system to track the length, costs, and effectiveness of the hiring process.
  2. Develop, evaluate, and maintain external sources and internal systems for recruitment and selection, including a HRIS system to support processes.
  3. Lead the recruitment for senior positions.  Provide education, training, and guidance to managers and supervisors to assist them in filling their technical, clerical, and hourly personnel requirements.


3.   Employee Relations:

  1. Provide a responsible employee relations program based on respect for the dignity of individuals and that supports the agency's objectives, goals, mission and values.
  2. Develop and administer culture management strategies and systems.
  3. Determine and execute appropriate courses of action regarding employee incidents, complaints, claims and crisis situations. Develop and implement fair policies and procedures to guide employees, management, human resources stuff, and legal department on addressing employee incidents, complaints, claims, and r crisis situations. 
  4. Manage and communicate an employee complaint process providing an open and fair opportunity for employees to resolve concern in a consistent manner that meets the needs of the agency, employee, supervisor and the department.
  5. Develop and recommend and lead the implementation of changes in personnel and employee relations policies and past practices necessary to improve economic health and/or employee morale at each location, in each department or functional unit, and agency-wide.
  6. Maintain current knowledge of legislative activities, new, and existing laws to evaluate their impact on Crystal Stairs and its human resources programs.  Integrate this knowledge into planning processes.  Interact extensively with Crystal Stairs' legal department to support the human resources needs of the agency. Effectively communicate implications of legal and regulatory changes to all management staff and track compliance as needed.
  7. Provide ongoing educational opportunities relative to employment law for current management and new employees assuming responsibility and preparing to assuming responsibility for the management of people.
  8. Maintain a positive employee relations program to assure preferred employer status throughout the entire agency. Document all aspects of the employee relations program and take appropriate measures to ensure that the agency allocates adequate resources to its operation.


4.   Organization and Management Development:

  1. Develop the human "assets" for the company to ensure adequate technical, professional, and managerial talent that address succession planning throughout the agency.
  2. Through attention to organization goals, structures, and processes, assist managers to manage change effectively, and to create and maintain an organizational climate that fosters both productivity and work satisfaction for individuals and groups.
  3. Guide development of an ongoing professional development function.  Lead the development of objectives, goals, and programs for appropriate training and career management activities.
  4. Continuously evaluate and improve staff orientation program and core staff training. Institute tracking systems to evaluate professional development, including staff participation, end-user satisfaction, and cost efficiency.
  5. Develop effective systems in the areas of management and leadership development, employee performance management, and succession planning.
  6. Coach management on the organizational development principles of effective job design and workflow process improvement. Inform departments' organizational development activities with research on industry best practices.  Develop system to determine if measures are successful.
  7. Provide consultation and guidance to management regarding the handling and documentation of personnel issues including, but not limited to, performance, disciplinary, and termination issues.


5.   Compensation: 

Provide guidance in developing and maintaining integrated and legally compliant compensation policies, practices, procedures, and programs linking performance and compensation through regular and systematic performance feedback.  Provide leadership on compensation structures and design. Lead the continued development of the agency's performance appraisal system.  Provide tools to inform a merit pay system and ease its administration.


6.    Employee Benefits: 

Evaluate and recommend to the Chief Legal Officer modifications to existing benefit programs as needed.  Implement changes and enhancements, ensuring adherence to government regulations and contractual requirements.  Make certain that plans are competitive, cost effective and compatible with agency philosophy and employee benefit needs and reflective of industry best practices.  Ensure that the agency is maximizing on its investment, and determine whether there are better or comparable benefits at improved costs.  Fully communicate and "market" the agency's benefits package.  Participate in development of RFPs and RFBs and in management of vendors as needed.


7.    Diversity: 

Maintain and promote a diverse work environment through the development and delivery of internal programs that enhance management's cultural competence and ability to effectively supervise employees of varied cultures.  Understand best practices in workforce diversity and guide the development and delivery of recruiting and training plans and strategies that result in a highly competent, culturally diverse workforce.  Build upon existing and establish new external relationships that promote and enhance the agency's status as an "Employer of Choice" or job seekers of color and those who value diversity.


8.  Other duties as assigned.


  1. Serve as a leader and strategic visionary over the department with the understanding that the role of this position is to manage the departments in a manner that ensures accountability and productivity of department staff.
  2. Ensure that departmental goals and Human Resources staff practices and work is aligned with the goals, operations and best interests of the Agency.
  3. Communicate and educate employees on agency culture and lead by example, demonstrating a commitment to integrity, honesty, and adherence to the highest standards of ethical behavior and customer services.
  4. Provide direction, leadership and coaching to staff members by conducting periodic staff meeting and frequent check-ins. 
  5. Provide opportunities for employees that develop their competencies.  Provide career counseling and advice.  Empower employees to develop themselves.
  6. Provide feedback on performance, take prompt corrective action when necessary and conduct Performance Evaluation Process in timely manner.
  7. Track and monitor attendance of employees including timely submission of timecard reports.
  8. Select, hire well-qualified, talented staff that reflects labor market diversity.
  9. Allocate and request resources that match production needs and adjust as necessary to support unit's budget and Crystal Stairs, Inc. goals/mission.
  10. Build strong teams that are technically competent and characterized by a high level of coordination and trust.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Communication, Organizational Development or related field, with Human Resources Certification, or equivalent years' experience. Incumbent is expected to continue upgrading knowledge, skills and      abilities needed to keep abreast of human resources field
  • Minimum of 6-10 years in managing Human Resources functions.  Human resources generalist experience in      organizations of 150 or more employees, with experience including exposure to the major disciplines of human resources management, (e.g., benefits, compensation, recruitment, staff relations, training and development).  Minimum 5 years staf relations experience involving human resource management and staff consultation, legal analysis, conflict resolution, mediation, and management and staff training.
  • Thorough, strong and well-rounded knowledge of and expertise in all areas of Human Resources, including labor law and policy and procedure interpretation.  Must have thorough knowledge of business operations and strategic HR planning, as well as excellent problem solving skills. MS Office knowledge required, with demonstrated computer competency. HRIS experience required.      
  • Represents HR as prime contact for the agency. Works closely with the executive management team, supervisors and      managers as a partner to assist in the overall success of the organization.  Provides expert counsel and exercises sound judgment in handling complex human resources – related and employee issues. 
  • Requires resourcefulness, self-confidence, and sound decision-making, with high tolerance for a high degree of ambiguity.      
  • Requires ability to work with diverse individuals, groups, and all organizational levels, with ability to provide sound advice based on thorough research and knowledge of the laws which affect corporate decisions.  Must be a strategic thinker with outstanding leadership, management, and legal abilities.
  • Requires high degree professionalism, judgment, and maturity, and ability to maintain strict confidentiality. 
  • Must have exemplary oral, lwritten, and interpersonal skills, as well as strong ability to educate, persuade and interact with all organizational evels.  Ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy during the process of educating, mentoring and coaching staff and management is a must.


Crystal Stairs is committed to building and sustaining a diverse workforce and culture.  As part of this commitment, Crystal Stairs provides equal opportunity in all of our employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation, to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, medical condition as defined by state law, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, ethnic group identification, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other legally protected status.

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Crystal Stairs, Inc.

Crystal Stairs is one of the largest private non-profit child development corporations in the State of California. We help families locate affordable and appropriate childcare through a variety of services, working with childcare providers, educators, advocates, and community members to positively impact the lives of more than 30,000 children each year.


Crystal Stairs is committed to building and sustaining a diverse workforce and culture. As part of this commitment, Crystal Stairs provides equal opportunity in all of our employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation, to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, medical condition as defined by state law, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, ethnic group identification, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions, or any other legally protected status.