Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) Supervisor

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County - San Luis Obispo, CA

Position Summary:
Responsible for supervision of eligibility staff, both directly and indirectly to ensure that the integrity, compliance, monitoring, and operations of program eligibility and its staff which includes eligibility for California Department of Education (CDE) Funds (CCTR,CMIG, & CSPP),Head Start and Early Head Start, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start are in compliance. The Program Eligibility & Contracts Supervisor trains and assists staff with initial and continuing eligibility determinations for state and federally funded programs and oversees the CDE contract earnings administered by the CDE. Supports CAPSLO’s mission by working directly with Program Directors and Managers ensuring that the CFS programs are properly run by ensuring eligibility requirements set forth by the state and federal governments in additional to overseeing the CDE contact earnings.

Responsibilities & Duties:

Program Eligibility:
1. Provides direct supervision to approximately 10 staff as well as staff assigned to a 
Center within the counties CAPSLO provides CFS programs.
2. Performs Employee Development Plans and ongoing coaching, teaching and monitoring to 
ensure adherence to program standards and compliance.
3. Recruits, hires and trains new eligibility staff across the 10 counties.
4. Responsible for the creation and ongoing oversight of staff schedules to ensure coverage 
is adequate across service area.
5. Approves timesheets for direct reports, approving vacation, etc.
6. Oversees all activities related to the processing of applications, including completion of 
application, changes in need or income, transfers and withdrawals & ensures income calculations are 
7. Maintains knowledge of federal, state, and local legislation affecting the department, 
determines its impact and takes appropriate action.
8. Creates policy and procedures with regard to program eligibility, recruitment and 
9. Implements all regulations and assures that methods of operation are within regulation 
10. Oversees parent fees for CDE funded service options.
11. Oversees the data entry into the NOHO and Child Plus database and manages the enrollment 
12. Performs specific mathematical computations that pertain to eligibility documentation.
13. Establishes and implements a training program for new and existing staff.
14. Oversees the tracking of attendance on a monthly basis or as needed to ensure the program 
is meeting enrollment projections.
15. Communicates information promptly to appropriate staff regarding enrollment changes, child 
placement changes, legal issues, etc.
16. Works with Center Directors, Supervisors, Family Services Advocates and other Program 
Coordinators to ensure smooth transition plans.
17. Oversees the notification of parents and providers of program revisions so that they 
remain in compliance with regulations affecting their eligibility for continued child care subsidy.
18. Informs Program Managers and Directors of any inconsistencies noted in case file 
maintenance and eligibility where policy/procedure requires clarification.
19. Consults with Policy Council Board and necessary staff to develop selection criteria and 
point systems to be used in selecting families.
20. Monitors the work of center staff and Family Services Advocates, as directed by Program 
Directors and Managers.
Monitoring, Audits & Reports:
21. Monitors programs for compliance with federal performance standards and state regulations.
22. Maintains appropriate record keeping systems, reports, and other required documents for 
program compliance, reviews and audits.
23. Oversees eligibility audits and review of case files to assure compliance with program
24. Prepares assigned reports and correspondence.
Program Eligibility Personnel:
25. Delegates assignments, projects, tasks and monitors the completion and quality of the 
26. Plans and implements program organizational changes required to maintain caseloads at 
current status, as directed by Program Directors and Managers.
Waitlist & Recruitment:
27. Oversees the system for year-round recruitment which includes all aspects of the waiting 
list, continuously updating information and assisting to fill vacancies as they occur within 30 
days while ensuring classroom ratios are within required limits.
28. Oversees planning and implementation of recruitment, including inter-agency partnerships, 
and develops tools for program use in these areas.
29. Attends staff meetings, CFS Division meetings and training opportunities in order to 
obtain and/or expand necessary education and skills and provides education about subsidy programs at appropriate workshops, conferences and meetings, as needed.
CDE Contract Earning Projections:
30. Prepares and maintains the current CDE contract earnings projections per fiscal year to 
ensure program is earning its funds for CCTR, CSPP, & CMIG.
31. Reports to the CFS Program Directors and Mangers, and Fiscal department to contract 
earning projections are being met.
32. Updates and monitors the Earnings Projects based on changes in enrollment and or changes 
in slots per contract.
33. Participates in monthly fiscal meetings.
34. Completes all tasks assigned by the CFS Program Directors.
35. Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Educational & Experience Requirements:
1. BA/BS Degree.
2. Two years experience performing administrative functions, case management, eligibility 
determinations, or related experience.
3. Two years experience of supervision and program management.
4. Two years of experience with early childhood education programs funded through the State 
Department of Education.

1. AA/AS degree
2. Three years experience performing administrative functions, case management, eligibility 
determinations, or related experience.
3. Two years experience of supervision and program management.
4. Two years of experience with early childhood education programs funded through the State 
Department of Education.
Other Requirements:
1. Must be able to maintain computer documents and database spreadsheets. Must be computer 
literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
2. Must be able to manage multiple tasks successfully.
3. Must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills (both orally and in writing) 
and be able to work well with others at all levels within the agency, as well as get along well 
with the public.
4. Must be able to successfully direct the work of CFS ERSEA program staff.
5. Must be able to relate well to all people of the community regardless of color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual 
orientation, disability or socio-economic level.
6. Must be able to perform accurate mathematical calculations including: adding subtracting, 
dividing, averaging and multiplying.
7. Must be able to maintain accurate records, compile and report statistical data.
8.  Must be a team player.
9.  Must be emotionally mature, stable, and tactful.
10. Must be able to maintain client confidentiality.
11. Must be able to apply sound judgment in decision-making.
12. Must be able to operate a calculator and various other office machines.
13. Must have dependable, insured transportation and valid California Driver’s License 
(mileage to be reimbursed) and acceptable driving record. A DMV printout and proof of insurance 
will be required.
14. Must use reasonable precautions in the performance of one’s duties and adhere to all 
applicable safety rules and practices; and act in such a manner as to assure at all times maximum 
safety to one’s self, fellow employees, clients and children.
15. Employment is contingent upon meeting all job requirements and background requirements: 
criminal history check, acknowledgement of child abuse reporting responsibility, criminal record 
statement, etc. Employment is contingent upon receiving a clearance from appropriate authorities.
16. Must understand, uphold, and continue working toward accomplishing the mission, strategic goals and performance measures of the agency. As a supervisor, must assure all direct reports understand their role in accomplishing the above.
Physical and Environmental Requirements:
Position requires intermittent sitting, standing, walking, twisting, and bending. Must be able to 
lift 30 pounds. Simple grasping and hand manipulation required, as well as reaching above and below shoulder level.  Requires working indoors in a temperature-controlled environment with some exposure to copier and printer chemicals/fumes.

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Category: Program Support

Type: FT

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Salary: 31.00 - 39.00

Posted On: June 22nd, 2020

Agency Details

Website: www.capslo.org

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County Inc. (CAPSLO, has been San Luis Obispo County’s federally-designated community action agency since 1965. In 2019, Community Action Partnership served over 38,000 persons across San Luis Obispo County and ten other central and southern California counties.

Through a variety of programs and in collaboration with other community service agencies, CAPSLO helps individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and economic stability through programs that focus on:

  • high-quality early education and child care
  • accessible, affordable dependent care
  • addressing barriers to safe, affordable housing and basic needs
  • health services and education
  • resource connection and navigation