Mexican American Oportunity Foundation (MAOF) - Los Angeles County , CA


DEPARTMENT:       MAOF Early Head Start Partnerships

FLSA STATUS:        Non-exempt, Full-Time




Following established MAOF procedures maintains the MAOF Head Start Program center facility, office, facility grounds, equipment, and storage rooms in good repair, order and cleanliness.

Under the general guidance of the Area Supervisor/Facilities Coordinator, and/or Designee, Custodial Supervisor and the direction of the Center Head Teacher, following the established MAOF Head Start procedures, utilizes and devises methods and procedures to insure the proper care and maintenance of the MAOF Head Start facilities and equipment.  The Custodian responsibilities are, but not limited to:



  1. As appropriate, sweeps, mops, vacuums, and waxes all center and office

floors on a regular basis maintaining a clean and neat appearance.


  1. As necessary, sweeps and cleans utility rooms, storage rooms, garages,

and outdoor play areas.


  1. Waters outdoor plants.


  1. Daily cleans and disinfects the facility and maintains paper supplies.

Empties waste baskets daily.


  1. Washes windows and handmarks from walls and doors.


  1. Loads and unloads deliveries of food, supplies and equipment.


  1. Arranges storage areas and is responsible for the rotation of food supply to

insure that the earliest purchased food is used first.


  1. Sets up equipment.


  1. Makes minor repairs to equipment.


  1. Performs minor building and plumbing (faucet washers etc.) and other minor repairs as assigned.


  1. Insures that center doors and gates are securely locked at the end of the

day and when leaving, before or after opening or closing hours.


  1. In a timely manner, submits requests for janitorial equipment and supplies

to the Custodial Supervisor.


  1. Maintains neat personal appearance.


  1. As assigned, carries out any other activities necessary for the proper

implementation of MAOF’s Head Start Program.


  1. Completes Health and Safety checklists of centers assigned and reports

necessary repairs to Custodial Supervisor.




  1. Physical and mental fitness to engage in custodial work.
  2. Must have negative tuberculin test or X-rays.
  3. Must be fingerprinted (state law).
  4. Works a split shift.  (May need to work a split shift.)
  5. Must have transportation, California Driver License and required Car Insurance,
  6. GED or High School Diploma, preferred.
  7. Spanish/English required



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Araceli Cruz, (323)278-3889,

Job Details

Category: Operations/Facilities

Type: FT

Location: Los Angeles County , CA

Salary: 15.68 - 0.00

Posted On: February 17th, 2021

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For more than 55 years the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation has provided an assortment of social service programs that work to advance the upward mobility of the greater Latino community of California.  Covering seven California counties, from San Diego County to Monterey County, our staple programs include Child Care and Early Education, Senior Services and Community Services.  Last year, more than 100,000 Californians benefitted from these programs.