Isabelle Alessandra, Ed.D.

Dr. Isabelle Alessandra, a leadership and teaching strategies expert with 30 years of experience, works closely with HS and EHS management teams, teachers and parents to improve all aspects of program performance.

Staff Training: Applying skills in adult learning and positive psychology, Isabelle inspires HS and EHS employees across the country, combining effective strategies with joy, humor, and compassion in ways that allow participants to find a sense of balance and harmony at work and at home. Isabelle customizes services that address the unique challenges facing EHS and HS staff, children and families. Her hands-on, revitalizing trainings are designed to increase the reflective practice skills of leaders, teachers, and parents, and to help teachers maximize the quality of their interactions with children.

Teacher Training: Isabelle is particularly skilled in training in delivering meaningful and enjoyable hands-on workshops that result in concrete, understandable ways to directly improve teacher scores in CLASS instructional support.

Leadership and Coaching Training: Isabelle has great success in developing staff leadership skills and building strong management teams. She is masterful at teaching and supporting reflective supervision, and one of her specialties is helping program leaders work with their staff to overcome resistance to change and create buy-in and a sense of possibility. Another skill is in helping leaders carry through a successful and rewarding strategic planning process. It’s important to Isabelle that her work is designed and delivered in a way that helps leaders and coaches rejuvenate staff and build confidence in their ability to succeed.

Grant Writing: Isabelle has successfully written and secured over $250 Million in EHS and HS funding awards from ACF for HS/EHS Grantees. Her proposals are designed to help applicants design programs to meet all competitive requirements that result from grantee relinquishments and terminations, as well as program expansion opportunities.

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Category: Professional Development

Posted On: April 23rd, 2017