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Infant and Preschool Mental Health
As a marriage and family therapist, I enjoy working with children from 0 to 5 years and their parents. I have a background in early childhood education as a zero to three caregiver in UCLA's Infant Development Program, and a certificate in infant and preschool mental health from Alliant International University.

Young children are at a pivotal age for therapeutic intervention, growing in many important areas, especially in their social and emotional development. Family therapy can help to enhance child development and parent-child relationships. Through guided therapeutic interactions, such as art and play therapy activities, and structured play assessments, I work to enrich parent-child bonding.

I also enjoy supporting parents with young children in their own therapy. Therapy can be a place for parents to relax, reflect, and enhance their parenting practices. Together I work with parents to find a parenting approach that fits.

Teacher or Parent Workshops/Trainings
I love providing teacher and parent workshops and trainings. It helps me to connect with the community, and meet the needs of families on a larger, more systemic scale. In addition, it is a great way to collaborate with other amazing clinicians and organizations.

Being that I am also involved in academia as a professor, I also often present at many academic conferences, to spread knowledge, learn more about the expansive field of marriage and family therapy, and to make sure that I am following the best practices to suit my clients' needs. Some of my favorite topics for workshops and presentations include: trauma-informed care, self-care for parents and teachers, and mindfulness for children, parents, and families.

Classroom Consulting
I am also able to provide consultation for teachers and schools who are dealing with particularly challenging cases. I am able to do school visits to observe, offer recommendations for collaborative solutions, and provide support to children, staff, and families. My education, training, and experience working in early childhood education, and as a marriage and family therapist working in infant and preschool mental health, prepare me well for this position.

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Category: Mental Health & Disabilities Services, Teacher Workshop/Training

Posted On: February 28th, 2018