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Imagine a world where all children experience a safe, nurturing, and enriching early learning environment that is based on what we know from research about how they develop. Especially in communities facing systemic racism, structural oppression, and other forms of trauma, teachers are equipped to support children and families through stable, nurturing relationships. Purposeful development in language, literacy, social-emotional, and critical thinking skills is available to all children in order to prepare them for a lifetime where they can take advantage of any opportunity they desire.

In this world, teacher support occurs in a context of care and empathy. Professional development aligns with what we know about how adults learn and grow, and is tailored to fit teachers’ needs. Training sessions are fun, invigorating, purposeful, and result in real change in classroom practice. Adults in schools make decisions grounded in a bold vision for children’s potential, and constantly seek to learn and grow.

I have over a decade of experience designing and implementing training that brings this vision to life in Head Start classrooms across the country. My specific expertise is in early literacy (oral language, vocabulary, reading/listening comprehension, phonics, phonological & phonemic awareness, emergent writing) and social-emotional development. I am committed to learning about the challenges your program is facing, and co-constructing solutions that address the root causes of those challenges. Specific services I offer include instructional program evaluation, pre-K CLASS observations, teacher training/workshops, or support for your trainers in designing strong adult learning. I am based in California, but available to travel nationwide. Please reach out so I can help you reach your goals!

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Category: Teacher Workshop/Training

Posted On: November 21st, 2018