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Anchor Children and Family Counseling, Rebecca Bokoch

Infant and Preschool Mental Health
As a marriage and family therapist, I enjoy working with children from 0 to 5 years and their parents. I have a background in early childhood education as a zero to three caregiver in UCLA's Infant Development Program, and a certificate in infant and preschool mental health from Alliant International University.

Young children are at a pivotal age for therapeutic intervention, growing in many important areas, especially in their social and emotional development. Family therapy can help to enhance child development and parent-child relationships. Through guided therapeutic interactions, such as art and play therapy activities, and structured play assessments, I work to enrich parent-child bonding.

I also enjoy supporting parents with young children in their own therapy. Therapy can be a place for parents to relax, reflect, and enhance their parenting practices. Together I work with parents to find a parenting approach that fits.

Teacher or Parent Workshops/Trainings
I love providing teacher and parent workshops and trainings. It helps me to connect with the community, and meet the needs of families on a larger, more systemic scale. In addition, it is a great way to collaborate with other amazing clinicians and organizations.

Being that I am also involved in academia as a professor, I also often present at many academic conferences, to spread knowledge, learn more about the expansive field of marriage and family therapy, and to make sure that I am following the best practices to suit my clients' needs. Some of my favorite topics for workshops and presentations include: trauma-informed care, self-care for parents and teachers, and mindfulness for children, parents, and families.

Classroom Consulting
I am also able to provide consultation for teachers and schools who are dealing with particularly challenging cases. I am able to do school visits to observe, offer recommendations for collaborative solutions, and provide support to children, staff, and families. My education, training, and experience working in early childhood education, and as a marriage and family therapist working in infant and preschool mental health, prepare me well for this position.

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Christina Vredevoe, Senior Environmental Scientist, Child Care IPM Specialist

As the Child Care Specialist for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation's School and Child Care IPM Program, I work to advance a culture of effective, low-risk pest management and Healthy Schools Act compliance at California child care centers. Feel free to reach out to me if you need my assistance with the Healthy Schools Act requirements or implementing integrated pest management in your facility. I'm here to help!

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Cynthia McCall

Cynthia McCall has served as a management consultant in Head Start both at the grantee and delegate agency levels. She has more than 30 years experience working in or with programs in the public and private sectors.

She has a thorough knowledge of Head Start regulations with emphasis on management systems including safe environments. Cynthia served as a Head Start federal reviewer in the area of Environmental Health and Safety. Cynthia has developed and provided training and technical assistance to a number Head Start programs, for ERSEA, self assessment, staff evaluations and other areas. She holds a graduate degree in early childhood education and a Child Development Program Director Permit, demonstrating a solid understanding of the educational needs of young children and how to address them. This educational background combined with an Associate in Risk Management, allows her to effectively assess classroom and administrative environments for potential and actual health and safety hazards – both physical and process.

Cynthia has developed safety procedures and training which positively affect workers compensation and other insurance costs. She has been an Authorized OHSA Outreach Trainer for general industry standards which covers the areas that affect Head Start Programs. Cynthia currently serves as a Mediator for small claims court cases and community complaint. This experience is valuable in resolving staff, governing bodies and community disputes in Head Start programs. Cynthia is available to assist Head Start programs in establishing integrated procedures to promote holistic services to children and families. 

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Final Step, Michael Oden

Michael S. Oden is a behavioral specialist/consultant/counselor, inspirational speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. He is an expert drug and alcohol dependency coach who for the past 20 years Michael has helped thousands of clients (adults and teens) who struggle with addiction, abuse, low self-esteem, poor performance or unhealthy relationships, turn their lives around.

Michael developed “The Needs Based Method®” and is the founder of “Final Step to Communication Shift”, a behavior awareness program that focuses on getting to the core of the individuals needs and helping the client shift their communication while changing those behaviors that are preventing life rewarding achievements. Michael believes that once a person has gained Emotional Wellness they will be able to move on and make healthier decisions throughout their life.

His 85% success rate with childhood trauma clients stems from his early years as a probation officer working with people from all walks of life who had turned to addiction dependency in response to that trauma. As a teacher in the Juvenile court system Michael has helped many youth with drug and alcohol abuse problems linked to criminal behavior find alternative methods for fulfilling their needs.

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Isabelle Alessandra, Ed.D.

Dr. Isabelle Alessandra, a leadership and teaching strategies expert with 30 years of experience, works closely with HS and EHS management teams, teachers and parents to improve all aspects of program performance.

Staff Training: Applying skills in adult learning and positive psychology, Isabelle inspires HS and EHS employees across the country, combining effective strategies with joy, humor, and compassion in ways that allow participants to find a sense of balance and harmony at work and at home. Isabelle customizes services that address the unique challenges facing EHS and HS staff, children and families. Her hands-on, revitalizing trainings are designed to increase the reflective practice skills of leaders, teachers, and parents, and to help teachers maximize the quality of their interactions with children.

Teacher Training: Isabelle is particularly skilled in training in delivering meaningful and enjoyable hands-on workshops that result in concrete, understandable ways to directly improve teacher scores in CLASS instructional support.

Leadership and Coaching Training: Isabelle has great success in developing staff leadership skills and building strong management teams. She is masterful at teaching and supporting reflective supervision, and one of her specialties is helping program leaders work with their staff to overcome resistance to change and create buy-in and a sense of possibility. Another skill is in helping leaders carry through a successful and rewarding strategic planning process. It’s important to Isabelle that her work is designed and delivered in a way that helps leaders and coaches rejuvenate staff and build confidence in their ability to succeed.

Grant Writing: Isabelle has successfully written and secured over $250 Million in EHS and HS funding awards from ACF for HS/EHS Grantees. Her proposals are designed to help applicants design programs to meet all competitive requirements that result from grantee relinquishments and terminations, as well as program expansion opportunities.

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Jerry Gomez Consulting

Jerry Gomez is a management consultant with 40 years of Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS) program, financial, and management experience. Since leaving the Office of Head Start, he has served as a consultant to numerous Head Start programs, providing training and technical assistance in all management systems including governance training, mock reviews, self-assessments, and focused monitoring.

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John Gunnarson, Early Care and Education

Training and coaching on CLASS®, projects, studies, classroom environments, positive guidance and discipline, early literacy, and working with dual language learners. John Gunnarson specializes in providing in-depth professional development with concrete strategies that teachers can readily implement in their classrooms. His seminars are active and include opportunities for teachers to practice skills and problem-solve implementation issues. He can provide both one-time training sessions as well as in-depth, year-long initiatives that include both seminars and coaching that results in sustained change.

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Judy J. Radiloff - Early Childhood Specialist

Judy J. Radiloff is a developmental psychologist and university lecturer with 24 years of experience as an early childhood educator, program director, and quality improvement coach. Her specialty is in trauma informed practices and care, social emotional learning, policy and advocacy in early childhood education, and systems work.

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PlayMotion Music, Nick Young

This teacher training workshop introduces preschool teachers to the power of play centered music and movement for children in early childhood. The teachers get hands-on training with methods and materials and learn how to implement my PlayMotion Music program with their students.

This is a fun, interactive experience that takes the teachers step-by-step through the activities giving them tools and curriculum that they will be able to use in their schools and classrooms.

Participants will be trained to facilitate interactive music and movement in the classroom and will:

  1. gain a comprehensive understanding of how the music curriculum ties into ITERS, ECERS, FCCERS, CLASS, DRDP and Creative Curriculum.
  2. receive training in how to use interactive music to fulfill these infant/toddler and preschool standards. Comprehensive instructions will guide teachers in how specific parts of the curriculum apply to DRDP Birth to 5 and Creative Curriculum forms and paperwork.
  3. learn specialized class management tools and techniques for creating fun, safe and active music times.
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POP Ed Consulting, Stephanie Thai

Imagine a world where all children experience a safe, nurturing, and enriching early learning environment that is based on what we know from research about how they develop. Especially in communities facing systemic racism, structural oppression, and other forms of trauma, teachers are equipped to support children and families through stable, nurturing relationships. Purposeful development in language, literacy, social-emotional, and critical thinking skills is available to all children in order to prepare them for a lifetime where they can take advantage of any opportunity they desire.

In this world, teacher support occurs in a context of care and empathy. Professional development aligns with what we know about how adults learn and grow, and is tailored to fit teachers’ needs. Training sessions are fun, invigorating, purposeful, and result in real change in classroom practice. Adults in schools make decisions grounded in a bold vision for children’s potential, and constantly seek to learn and grow.

I have over a decade of experience designing and implementing training that brings this vision to life in Head Start classrooms across the country. My specific expertise is in early literacy (oral language, vocabulary, reading/listening comprehension, phonics, phonological & phonemic awareness, emergent writing) and social-emotional development. I am committed to learning about the challenges your program is facing, and co-constructing solutions that address the root causes of those challenges. Specific services I offer include instructional program evaluation, pre-K CLASS observations, teacher training/workshops, or support for your trainers in designing strong adult learning. I am based in California, but available to travel nationwide. Please reach out so I can help you reach your goals!

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Sheri Ellis Consulting

Sheri Ellis is able to draw upon over 20 years of experience in Head Start program management, training and technical assistance, social services, and mental health to assist programs in reaching compliance and ensuring quality. She has expertise in developing systems and services in areas ranging from program management to school readiness and parent, family, and community engagement. Sheri has provided training and technical assistance in areas such as: Environmental Health and Safety, ERSEA, Self-Assessment, Ongoing Monitoring, Program and Strategic Planning, Staff Wellness, PFCE, and Organizational Structure.

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Thomas Grayson

Tom Grayson, Founder and Executive Director of Golden Sierra Life Skills, is a motivation speaker, program developer, and trainer of programs for men, families, and youth.

He developed The Father Engagement Program for the Head Start/Early Head Start Program in Placer and Nevada Counties in California. He has provided Father Engagement Ambassador Workshops and trainings for 14 years regionally, nationally, and internationally, in rural villages in Kenya, Africa.

This unique and comprehensive Program encourages father/father figures to become more involved and engaged with their children who are in Head Start Programs, and help them grow and develop and become lifelong learners using STEM concepts and philosophies.

Mr. Grayson’s educational experience includes Youth Behavioral Studies and Child Development at Cal State University Long Beach and Sacramento. Additionally, he has specialized training from the State of California Health and Human Services, the State of California Department of Youth Authority, Sierra College, and training from the Placer County Office of Education in suicide prevention and HIV education and counseling, and training from the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR Institute).

Mr. Grayson was the recipient of the California Head Start Association “Friend of Head Start” Award for 2013, for his dedication to male involvement (now called Father Engagement) and passion for providing quality services for men within the Head Start Program.

Mr. Grayson has provided workshops and trainings regarding the Father Engagement, Ambassador Program in regions 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

Men, Infants, and Children (MIC) is a Male Parenting and Life Skills Program for fathers, to help men recognize what it takes to be a vital part of their child’s lives and how to help create a healthy family environment.

  • Male Involvement Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Program Development 
  • Trainer of Facilitators
  • Motivational Speaker/Key Note Speaker
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Truth Consulting, Shalek Chappill-Nichols, M.S.

Shalek Chappill-Nichols provides professional development for EHS/HS teachers in the areas of mathematics, science, art, literacy and social emotional learning. Shalek is an outstanding leader among her peers, both creating and providing classroom activities, in-service trainings, seminars workshops, conferences and curriculum materials and resources to pre-school through high school educators throughout the State of California. 

Focused, dedicated, and commitment for over 20 years, Shalek continues to led the way for the educators to integrate technology and aspects of social emotional learning into our professional development trainings. The feedback from educators has been overwhelming positive, noting that this new focus has helped them bring California Standards to life in their classrooms and has helped their students to think creatively and critically about all educational domains.

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